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Why Roof Cleaning is Important

Roof cleaning is very important as general maintenance. It should be done seasonally to protect your roof through the harsh changing weather. By scheduling regular softwash roof cleaning​, you are taking an important step to make sure that your roof not only looks great and compliments the beauty of your home, but also that it will last as long as possible. There are some important reasons to make sure your roof is cleaned regularly.

Protect it From Damage

Of course, the most important reason to schedule regular roof cleaning in Jacksonville, FL is to prevent damage to your home. As your roof is constantly protecting your home from the elements, it is very susceptible to build up of nasty substances like algae, moss and bacteria that grow in the moist and warm environment that your roof provides. If left unchecked, these substances can cause massive damage to your shingles and roof overall. Your shingles help block UV rays and keep your home a more consistent temperature. Scheduling appointments for roof cleaning in Jacksonville, FL helps you prepare for the harsh summers by raising your home’s efficiency and saving on your electricity bills.

Cheaper Than a New Roof

Your home is the most important investment you will ever make, and likely also the most expensive. When you install a new roof, it's intended to last you decades. In fact, a typical asphalt shingle roof normally lasts up to 20-25 years, with proper maintenance. With that kind of expected longevity, it would be a shame to hear that you have to replace your roof early. The average cost to install a new roof is from $7,000-$10,000, so it’s certainly worth it to make sure you’re doing your best to keep it in excellent shape. Regular roof cleaning Jacksonville FL will ensure that your roof will last as long as possible, and save you a fortune.

Keep Your Roof Warranty Effective

While many homeowners rest easy knowing they have a warranty on their roof, normally there’s a lot of caveats to consider. There are actually two types of warranties that could be covering your roof, the manufacturer's warranty that covers the materials, and the roofing company’s warranty that covers their labor. Both have varying terms that are different in each case. In most cases, both warranties will suggest that you schedule regular cleaning sessions to help your roof last as long as possible. With the intense summers we’re known for, regularly scheduling appointments for softwash roof cleaning is very important. This will help you ensure that you are meeting the requirements in your warranty.

Give Your House a Polished Look

There's nothing worse than a beautiful home that is tarnished by the look of a black and gunky roof! By cleaning your roof regularly, you keep your curb appeal high and keep your home looking it’s best. You should feel prideful every time you pull up to your home. If you are in need of a softwash roof cleaning, contact us for a completely free estimate to get your roof back into picture perfect shape!



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