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What is the Best Time of Year to Pressure Wash your House?

If you’ve owned your home for any length of time, you know that regular maintenance is essential for keeping your home looking and functioning great. The exterior of your home should be no exception to this rule especially considering Florida’s warm and humid climate. Mold, algae, and mildew thrive in Florida, making pressure washing an important part of your home’s maintenance. While many Florida homeowners know the value of pressure washing, it can be a challenge to determine when the best time to pressure wash is. Here at Aarron’s Pressure Washing, we have more than 15 years of experience helping homeowners, just like you, determine when to pressure wash their home. Keep reading to discover our expert recommendation for when the best time of year for pressure washing in Jacksonville.

While most companies typically recommend pressure washing in the Spring or Fall, we highly encourage our customers to consider pressure washing their homes in the winter months. Due to Florida’s mild winters and decent weather in the winter; it is a great time to take care of some much-needed maintenance projects. By pressure washing in the winter, you can avoid most of the intense storms that take place in the summer and fall months.

Another reason why we recommend pressure washing your home’s exterior during the winter months is because residents generally are spending less time in outdoor spaces during this time. When you are hosting outdoor events and enjoying the warm Florida weather, it can be challenging to find time to schedule pressure washing for your home. Why not schedule pressure washing for the winter when not as many activities are going on to get your home ready to use for next summer? By pressure washing your home in the winter, you get to enjoy a clean home before you start spending more time outside.

Owning a home can sometimes feel overwhelming with all the repairs, upgrades, and maintenance that has to be performed. Taking care of your pressure washing in the winter can alleviate the stress that rolls around when spring cleaning is in full effect. Having a local pressure washing company that you can trust also makes the process so much better. Not only will you see the results that you are looking for, but at a price that is reasonable and fair. As part of the local Jacksonville community ourselves; Aarron’s Pressure Washing truly wants the best pressure washing experience for all local residents.

Still have questions or want to schedule your pressure washing appointment with us? Aarron’s Pressure Washing is happy to help assist you in any way that we can! Give us a call today at (904)-386-4871 to get your free estimate. Our hope to provide valuable information regarding pressure washing for our local community here through our blog. For more great topics and answers to questions that you might have, check out our other blog articles. We look forward to helping you with your next pressure washing project here in Jacksonville soon!



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