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The Importance of Roof Cleaning After Heavy Rains

​While many people flock to Florida for the sunny days and warm temperatures, the humid coastal climate also makes the state prone to many tropical storms. Although your roof can withstand many of the elements such as hail, rain, and even some milder hurricanes; if not cleaned regularly, you will start to experience some costly repairs. Pressure washing your roof can be a great solution to make sure that you don’t experience any of these issues down the line. Keep reading to learn more about why it is important to clean your roof after heavy rains from our expert contractors at Aarron’s Pressure Washing.

The first reason why you should consider soft wash roof cleaning to your roof after heavy rain is to prevent moss from forming. Due to the high humidity directly after a storm, your roof becomes the ideal place for moss to grow on shingles. Moss can also combine with algae to make it even harder to clean if not taken care of as soon as possible. Moss that is allowed to sit untouched on your roof can eventually lead to permanent roof damage. Avoid the hassle of an expensive repair by making sure that moss never has the chance to attach to your roof.

Another reason why it is important to clean your roof after a heavy storm is to avoid increased energy costs. When debris from a storm or algae that has been left to grow for a while is left on your roof, increased heat is often retained. This results in an increased temperature inside your home, driving up your AC costs. Keep your home regulating heat the way it should by making sure that your roof stays clean. Your wallet will thank you when your shingles can reflect the sun the way they were built to.

Lastly, it is important to clean your roof after a heavy rain for insurance purposes. While it may be hard to believe, many insurance companies require you to clean your roof to avoid a policy cancellation. Usually, this is true because damage can occur that would require your roof to be replaced earlier than it should be with regular cleaning done. Replacing your roof with no help from insurance can set you back a decent amount of money. That’s why it’s cheaper, in the long run, to make sure to clean your roof after heavy rain so that you can avoid having to replace your entire roof.

We hope that you’ve found this content useful and will adopt regular cleaning of your roofs. If you still require roof cleaning St. Augustine, look no further. Let Aarron’s Pressure Washing take care of cleaning your roof for you. Take the stress out of cleaning your roof by hiring a professional. We look forward to helping you keep your roof fully functional and prolong the lifespan of your roof moving forward. To learn more about other pressure washing topics, continue to look out for our latest blogs or give us a call at 904-386-4871 to schedule your appointment.



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