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Pressure Washing vs. Power Washing

If you need a deep cleaning solution for your home, driveway, or other surfaces what is the first service that comes to mind? You may have searched for a pressure washing solution and noticed that power washing also came up in your search. Although these two solutions are often used interchangeably throughout the industry, you may be surprised to find out that there is a difference between pressure washing and power washing. Here at Aarron's Pressure Washing, we are a local industry-leading pressure washing company servicing the Jacksonville, Florida area. We are proud to use pressure washing for our cleaning purposes but are happy to share the difference between these two cleaning solutions.

Back to your search, is there really a difference between pressure washing and power washing? The answer is yes. Despite most of the components being the same, the major difference between pressure washing and power washing is the addition of heat present in power washing. Both of the two solutions use strong amounts of water pressure to clean grime and gunk off of surfaces and are great tools for making your home look great.

Once discovering that there is a difference between the two, one of the first questions many of our customers have is which solution is better? The answer lies in the task that you are trying to accomplish. Typically power washing is a great option for residents that have spills containing live bacteria since the heat is perfect for killing bacteria so that it will not return in the future. For most projects though, pressure washing is just as effective at getting the job done and is often less expensive than power washing. For projects relating to concrete, brick, and any sort of masonry, pressure washing does a great job at clearing the grime away.

When making your decision on whether to choose pressure washing or power washing for your project, it really all comes down to which will be more beneficial. If you do think that the added heated water will be effective in making an impact on your project then that might be the best solution for the job. In our many years of experience, however, we have found that in most cases pressure washing is just as effective in cleaning your home. We highly recommend using pressure washing for your next home cleaning project.

Whichever option that you decide, you really can't go wrong when it comes down to cleaning with forced water. If you require quality pressure washing Jacksonville residents can count on Aarron's Pressure Washing to complete their project with experienced contractors that are the best in town. We hope that you've found this information valuable to make your decision easier in the process. To schedule your pressure washing appointment give us a call or book online today with one of our skilled professional pressure washing contractors. We look forward to working with you to clean the grime off of whatever surface that you need.

Give us a call at (904) 386-4871 or book online for your free estimate. We can’t wait to help you with all of your pressure washing needs!



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