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How to Remove Algae from Your Roof

It’s no secret that many residents love Florida for the warm weather, sunshine, and beaches. Unfortunately, Florida’s humid climate is also a breeding ground for roof algae. If you’ve ever seen black streaks, mosses, or substances containing green or white spots; odds are likely that your roof may have developed algae. While it’s not uncommon for Jacksonville, Florida homes to develop algae; it is not always as simply removing the algae. With more than 15 years of expertise using pressure washers to remove unwanted contaminants from outside surfaces, Aarron’s Pressure Washing is well equipped to help restore your roof and get rid of the algae. Learn more about how you can use pressure washing to get rid of algae for good!

Before we dive into how to remove the roof algae, many of you may be wondering how algae forms in the first place. For most Florida homes, all it takes is a single algae spore to attach to your roof to begin spreading throughout the entire surface. Typically, this can happen if a spore is blown onto your roof during a windy day, or if the conditions are right for algae to form. Rainy weather, damp, or shady areas with high amounts of moisture are more likely to develop algae. Left untreated, algae can take over the entirety of your roof in less than four years. For that reason, it is important to catch it in the early stages to make the cleanup easier.

Besides taking over your entire roof, algae can also affect the integrity of your roof. While most residents do not like the look of algae, it also can cause damage to the structure underneath your shingles. Letting the algae take over in some cases can also lead to a premature roof replacement if left to form for many years. Luckily, in most cases, pressure washing can remove the algae if caught early enough.

When removing algae with a pressure washer it is a good idea to hire a soft wash roof cleaning professional to make sure that the settings are low enough as to not damage your roof. Using higher pressure settings can damage your roof even further if not done correctly. When pressure washing your roof, it is best to put it on the lowest setting and wash downward with the wand help up higher. Pressure wash the algae in sections from the top down. This will allow the pressure to be more dispersed. Cleaners also can be added to treat more mature algae.

Overall, algae can cause many issues if left untreated for long amounts of time on your roof. When considering roof cleaning Jacksonville residents should leave this type of work to the professionals to prevent further damage. If you are ready to get rid of that pesky roof algae once and for all, give Aarron’s Pressure Washing a call today. We are more than happy to help restore your roof safely and prevent future algae from forming on your roof with our powerful cleaning solutions.



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