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How Often Do You Seal Pavers

Having concrete, natural stone, or brick pavers installed on your driveway, floorings, pool deck, and patios is a considerable investment. They offer a homely yet outdoor feel to any space. But like most things, maintenance is crucial to preventing stains and other forms of damage.

But how does one do that?

Some people are content enough to hire a pressure washing service to keep their pavers clean and beautiful. But even well-sealed pavers need to be repaired and resealed regularly.

​What are the Benefits of Sealing Driveway Pavers?

Keeping your patio pavers clean and sealed is an essential aspect of maintenance. Sealing pavers offers multiple benefits, some of which are highlighted below.

Protection from the Elements

Environmental factors like ice, rain, and UV rays from the sun can cause a lot of damage to brick pavers. The good news is that paver sealing can help prevent weakness and deterioration due to exposure. It can prevent the elements from disrupting the joint sand by interlocking everything. And with all the rain and storms that occur, the weather resistance offered by the sealing process keeps paver surfaces looking new.

Reduces the Risk of Weeds and Moss

The last thing anyone likes to deal with is pulling weeds from their paver driveway. Fortunately, sealing pavers helps prevent weeds, mold, and moss from growing between paver joints. It keeps your driveway, patio, or other paved space from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Frequently pressure washing service helps maintain the beauty and appearance of natural stone and brick pavers. However, a pressure wash can get quite expensive if you don't have sealed pavers. Investing in paver sealing makes cleaning easier and cheaper.

Helps Retain Paver Color

You'll notice that with time, your brick pavers start losing their color. They get stains easily, which defeats the purpose of making your home exterior look beautiful. You can prevent stains and ensure that your paver surface retains its bright and actual color for an extended period with quality sealants.

When Should You Have Your Pavers Sealed?

Many homeowners choose to skip the sealing step after installing pavers. That is particularly true for the DIY paver installations. But like most home improvement projects, completion of paver installation is multifactorial.

Companies have different recommendations for when to seal new pavers. That said, the best time to seal pavers depends on several factors. The main one is types of sealants, which include;

  • Acrylic sealers are easy to apply and the most affordable. Acrylic solvents are highly absorbent, thick in texture, durable, and an excellent choice for giving your pavers a glossy finish.

  • Solvent-based sealers offer water resistance and extended durability. They dissolve other substances and, unlike other paver sealers, are easy to remove for regular cleaning.

  • Water-based sealers are thin, fairly easy to apply, and resistant to UV rays. It offers a matte finish. On the downside, using a water-based sealer exposes your pavers to moisture damage.​

A quality sealant applied by an experienced paver sealing service in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, results in a finish that keeps your stone or brick pavers looking new for longer. Some sealants can be applied immediately after paver installation, while others require a waiting period. Sealants that are not film-forming may be used a week after paver installation, while film-forming sealants, such as Wet Look and Clear Look, require at least 30-days of downtime. Some manufacturers recommend waiting up to a year to ensure that the sealing process doesn't trap efflorescence.

Weather conditions also help determine the best time to seal pavers. For instance, it's best to seal pavers in the mornings or evenings during the summer months. Otherwise, the excess heat causes the sealer to react and prevents penetration into the pavers. Sealing your paved patio when it's too cold weakens the sealer and turns the surface white, making the place unsightly.

Suppose you didn't have your pavers sealed after installing them. The good news is that it's never too late to seal paved driveways, patios, and pool decks. You can have a professional come in, apply sealer and protect your investment from future damage from dirt, moisture, and other elements. Keep in mind that some preparation work may be necessary depending on the extent of the damage.

How Often Should You Fresh Coat of Paver Sealer?

The basic rule of thumb is to seal your pavers every 3-5 years. That said, it's crucial to watch for signs of damage and contact a sealing company to prolong the life of your brick pavers.

Colour fading and dullness: Brick and concrete pavers should have a dark, sharp, clean look. You may notice that the color starts to fade into an ugly grey with time. It is a sign that your pavers need a fresh coat of sealant to restore their vibrance. Remember that sealed brick pavers will darken for a few days after heavy rain. That is normal and doesn't mean that the sealer is wearing off.

Noticeable cracks or deterioration: With time, paver sealant starts to lose effectiveness and causes your pavers to crack. The presence of damages on your pavers indicates that it's time for sealant maintenance work. Sealing the surface protects your property from further damage.

Oil and gasoline drip: No one likes seeing gasoline stains on their driveway. You'll want to remove the old sealant if you notice spots and imperfections on your paved surface. Without a fresh coat of sealant, the pavers will crack, deteriorate, and break down.

Looking for Concrete or Brick Pavers? Contact Us for Paver Sealing in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

​A great way to ensure that your paved outdoor space retains its vibrance and beauty for a long time is to seal it every 3-5 years. As one of the leading paver sealing services in Vedra Beach, FL, Aarron's Pressure Washing can help protect your investment. We use high-quality sealant for your paved driveway, patio, pool deck, and back deck. Clients rely on our professional team for exceptional customer service and lasting results. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.



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